Apple could be working on the MacBook Air 2017

by Tracy McGregor 0

Image of MacBook Air 2017

Is Apple about to release an upgraded 2017 variant of the renowned 13-Inch MacBook Air? Tech enthusiasts have recently been speculating about this question, and rumors have started circulating, largely precipitated by various retail markets slashing the prices on the current 13-Inch MacBook Air by almost $200. The device was introduced in the market for $999, but the price has recently dropped to $799. This price drop has led to a lot of speculation that Apple might be releasing a newer model soon.

The device has a massive user-base, which ranges from home-workers to students, and it has been craving for an upgrade since they released the 2016 version. However, fans and users of the Apple brand were equally disappointed primarily due to the few updates the new product came with. For this reason, if Apple is to release a new variant for 2017, it must satisfy the public expectations.

Nonetheless, this is certainly not the first time that the public was expecting a MacBook Air 2017. Apple’s website was taken down in March this year, and Apple actually claimed with the relaunch of their website that there would be new products for its fans and consumers to buy. It follows that enthusiasts expected a newer version of the 13-Inch MacBook Air to be among the other products released. However, this turned out to be a false alarm, and fans were let down once again.

Moreover, it’s too soon to actually tell if Apple will be releasing a 2017 version of the 13-Inch MacBook Air, and the iPad Air 2. But, no one can complain considering consumers can save up to $200 on a single MacBook Air Laptop.