Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo facing Technical issues

Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo facing Technical issues

Honda launched their tenth generation Honda Civic in July 2016, as basically there are three variants in Honda Civic 2016. Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo is fully loaded and is fully loaded with a lot of gadgets which never comes in any Pakistani Cars only in local cars. In July 2016 Honda Civic launched Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo in Pakistan.

There are a lot of unique features and advantages which are added in Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo, For Example, Keyless Entry, Push Start Button, Rear Entertainment, and also Traction Control. Another good feature which is added in all new Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo is Electronic HandBrake.

If we talk about the Entertainment and Audio system of the Honda Civic 1.5 turbo, so the Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo is powered by 7 inches Advanced capacitive Touchscreen A/V system, which looks stylish and more sophisticated, but there are some faults in the Audio system of Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo. So technically there are some glitches in the Audio system due to which it stuck while playing some music or videos.

While there is no cigarette lighter available in the Honda Civic also there is no Cigarette ashtray in the all new Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo. Although the performance of the 1.5 Turbo Honda Civic is better than the previous generation Honda Civic, the Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo is also featured by a Rear Seat Ventilation. The Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo better in performance as well as in acceleration from the previous generation Honda Civics.

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