First Came Electricity, then Came Blockchain: How to Invest in the Tech Revolution using Digital Life Bank

by Haider Ali Khan 0

First came Electricity, then came Blockchain How to Invest in the Tech Revolution using Digital Life Bank

All ideas that disrupt innovation have made investors decent amounts of money. We all remember energies, dot com, tech stocks, and the most recent, Bitcoin. All these brought about innovation that was hard to grasp for most people in the beginning and that is when the smart investors grabbed huge bags of wealth. Blockchain and blockchain-based startups are the most recent ideas and there is no doubt that we are very early in the space. Due to this, most people don’t yet understand the concept and are skeptical due to which a huge chunk of retail investors are missing out on investment returns. This is due to the fact that people don’t see regulated institutions offering services for these digital currencies. There are no centralized trusted parties that offer services for the exchange and trade of these currencies on their platforms. Regulated institutions for most part have been really skeptical of cryptocurrencies, and have limited their customers from purchasing these asset classes.

Digital Life Bank has not only recognized this gap in the market but also bridged it with their Interchange where users can trade in stocks, shares, energies, forex, and crypto. With aims to become the most trusted digital bank worldwide, DL Banks gives opportunities for customers to capitalize on the way ahead of its competition. For this, the customers willing to invest also get forecast signals with precise Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. Historically, these forecasts have been 70% accurate. 70% accuracy in the current crypto market is unprecedented, big crypto investment firms like Ark Investments have not been able to generate such gains for their investments.

Accessing these modules in the Digital Life Bank requires a small and quick procedure of making an online account. The customer can then navigate the web or mobile application fully before he/she invests. After registration, there’s a KYC procedure to avoid bots and scams which lead to the first deposit. Once all this is done, the customers can access the regulated banking application that caters to stocks, shares, and cryptocurrencies. For a seamless experience trading, the bank also offers multiple sources of liquidity, real-time market data for trade monitoring, and smart order routing. Apart from the integration of market opportunities and innovation, DL Bank has won awards for its incredible service in the traditional finance domain. The application also includes free of interest Islamic banking in compliance with Sharia Law. There are no hidden account creation fees, and the banking services are totally safe and secure. The customer data is kept safe from advertisers and all services are monitored and regulated via reports.

All in all, Digital Life Bank gives the customers an opportunity to capitalize on innovations earlier than most other platforms in the market. Everything ranging from traditional banking services, and Islamic banking, to stocks, energies, and crypto is available on the platform and are just one registration process away!