Apple TV: Is it worth Buying?

by Khizer Hayat 0

Apple TV : Is it worth to Buy?

Apple TV is the little bit taller than the previous Apple TV model. The new Apple TV is really interesting with its black color it looks pretty awesome. It has been the best TV device ever made, Apple designed the new Apple TV little bit taller than the previous Apple TV model. Also, the Apple TV is featured by some interesting built-in apps like Netflix, Youtube etc.

The most amazing featured is its new remote, the Apple TV is featured by a smart remote, the Apple TV remote has a touchpad on its top so you can easily control your tv with its smart remote. You can easily slide your apps by just touching the touchpad of the Apple TV remote. Also, you can play racing games by just tilting your Apple TV remote, so that really a big change.

The one and the only thing which most of the people didn’t want is the Power button. Yes, there is no such a power button in the Apple TV remote. So that’s not a big deal. Another good feature in the Apple TV is the Siri button, you can just simply ask anything or anything which you want by just holding the Siri button. If you want any movie or song just hold the Siri button and say hey Siri I want this song, it will bring all of your requirements which you want. Apple TV is one of the best Apple device ever made.