Apple iPhone 6 top 5 hidden features which you never knew
Apple iPhone 6 top 5 hidden features which you never knew

Apple iPhone 6 top 5 hidden features which you never knew

Apple iPhone begins the journey of success, after the great success of Apple iPhone 5, and 5S, Apple comes back with a new Apple device. iPhone 6 has one of the iconic design overalls of the Apple smartphones till to know. Here are some of the hidden features of Apple iPhone 6.

Hands-Free Siri
So starting from the Hands-Free Siri, this is the first top hidden feature which most of the people didn’t know. So to do this simply go into general in settings and then click on Siri and then enable allow hey Siri. After enabling this feature you can simply say “hey Siri” any time you want, it will listen and recognize them and then brings up Siri up.

60 FPS Video
The next is 60 FPS video, as the iPhone 6 normally shot 30 frames per second but you do have the option to go all the way to 60 frames, so if you want to shot 60 frames per second simply go into settings scroll down to your photos and camera and then down to record video at 60 frames per second and enabled that. After enabling just go to camera app you will saw little things in the bottom right-hand corner.

One Hand Accessibility
The iPhone 6 has also the feature of One hand Accessibility if your hands are a little bit smaller and is kind of difficult to reach, so simply tap twice on the home button and it will bring down the screen for you.

Identify Songs with Siri
The Siri feature is one of the best feature to identify anything you wants, simply say hey Siri identify this song for me it will say hand one let me listen then hopefully it will identify the song you want.

Desktop Safari
Normally when you open up a page or any other website just click on that and scroll down to request desktop site and this will reload the page and give the desktop version, not the mobile version which is very useful when you are viewing specific web pages.

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