7 Days to Die is now available on PlayStation Store with an Affordable price

by Hamza Hayat 0

7 Days to Die is now available on PlayStation Store with an Offerdable price

7 Days to Die is developed by The Fun Pimps and is officially released on 28 Jun 2016. This game is a survival horror game which is set in an open world. 7 Days to Die is now available on Sony PlayStation store for just $29.99.

7 Days to Die is a first-person shooter horror video game. The game is based and set in an open apocalyptic world which is brutally unforgivable. 7 Days to Die is designed by the developer The Fun Pimp with some extra new key features.

The horror survival game is set in an explore world, in which there are unique and richer environments so this game will access the users to play the game in the way which they want. There are a lot of new crafts and with some deadly new weapons, clothes weapons and much more.

7 Days to Die has a new feature of online playing mode, so for online playing, the users must have a high-speed connection up to 192 kb. This game is also featured by two split screen mode in which there are only 4 players allowed to play the game. So pre-order now the 7 Days to Die from PlayStation Store for just $29.99 and experience the survival horror video game with enhanced graphics along with the real soundtrack.