Square Enix to Show Off Final Fantasy 7 at E3 2016
Square Enix to Show Off Final Fantasy 7 at E3 2016

Square Enix to Show Off Final Fantasy 7 at E3 2016

Square Enix has developed and published an upcoming video game called Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it is of the original 1997 PlayStation role-playing video game by Square. New details for ‘Final Fantasy 7’ is yet to come nevertheless it features a possible appearance at E3 2016, an episodic-style release and a bundled version of the game may appear in 2019. Square Enix stated that rumors are there to make rounds regarding the status of ‘Final Fantasy 7’ remake as it is currently engaged with the ideas to develop and promote two of their upcoming episodic titles named as “Final Fantasy XV” and “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided”.

According to IDigital Times report, Square Enix has been planning on revealing new information for “Final Fantasy XV” and “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” in Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 next month and with much probability they might showcase more ‘Final Fantasy 7’ remake details in the said Expo. It prominently appeared when gamers caught a glimpse of ‘Final Fantasy 7’ remake during the PlayStation Experience event last year with it’s featuring improved graphics and positioning more at action-based gameplay as contrasting its traditional turn-based gameplay from the real title.

In addition, more of the rumored reports that ‘Final Fantasy 7’ remake will likely have a gradual style release which comprises of many chapters that may highlight certain important events from the game. Game Informer Square Enix developers have already been able to reach an agreement on the number of installments the rake will have but the plans are still open to changes along the way, said producer of Yoshinori Kitase, Square Enix.

While Kitase added that the development team has not yet reached the consensus that if ‘Final Fantasy 7’ remake should have a full-action oriented style gameplay or not, but the director Tetsuya Nomura of ‘Final Fantasy 7’ remake stated that, when it comes to action games, it is largely represented by “Dissidia” in a modern and more developed game style. In other news around the world, Square Enix might release a bundled version of ‘Final Fantasy 7’ remake in 2019 as it is hypothesizing the launch of the game which may surely take place in 2017, though, future episodes will be released in 2018. These will consequently lead the bundle version in the next.

According to NeoGaf, whose username is “Philippo” told that Square Enix should appreciate the same roll out of the game as ‘Final Fantasy XIII’, comprises three episodes and it will likely have 30 hours time for game-play. In the fantasy world, other rumored features in ‘Final Fantasy 7’ remake include more mini-games than the original with fully-voiced characters.
‘Final Fantasy 7’ remake is speculated to roll out after some time in 2017 specifically for the PS4 because it marks the 20th Anniversary of the beloved sequel.

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