Rumors Are Going to Be True as Microsoft is Planning 2 Big Updates for 2017

by Haider Khan 0

Rumors Are Going to Be True as Microsoft is Planning 2 Big Updates for 2017

Microsoft is going to introduce its upcoming operating system build called Windows 10 Redstone 2 as soon as likely to be this week. For now we cannot expect new features as Microsoft software engineers are paying attention to core functionalities of their operating system and they will improve it eventually.

On the other hand new features are already developed, and they are working on more features as well to bring it to their operating system. Several features were previously tested by Windows team through a channel completely accessible by Microsoft staff members who try out new releases before they are brought to the consumer.

Storage IHV partner manager Carmen Crincoli at Microsoft, has made cleared that some new features are now developed and are being tested throughout the canary ring, but he kept it secret and did not revealed about the particulars.

“In the past Canary ring has provided us with amazements and they keep on doing like that. It is a matter of immense pleasure that the teams are operational on new set of features. Moreover he added that it’s a big problem that I have to be cautious when I use my Microsoft Surface device throughout this conference in order to avoid unintentionally revealing stuff,” he added (thru WinBeta).

Microsoft: nothing fresh in the 1st major build

On the counterpart Microsoft has already cautioned that, meanwhile the announcement of Windows 10 Redstone 2 build will occur in the near future, no new features should be expected from it as they are not ready to be showcased in the upcoming build.

“When development branch release this new build, nobody will notice any big variations or new set of features just yet. As we did later when the update was release in month of November. The team leaders are aiming to bring improvements in the structural side of OneCore. If you remember OneCore is the shared core of Windows across computer, tablet, smartphone, Internet of Things, Holo Lens and Xbox. It is the mainly the soul part of Windows” Microsoft describes.

Positively this makes sense, particularly because Microsoft wants that these features should be made smooth and reliable not some gimmicky features that don’t work so well in real life situations.
This update of Redstone 2 is expected to be introduce to the public in the 3rd quarter of 2017, thus new set of features are likely to come out during the development process.