Multi-Sharing feature now available for WhatsApp
Multi-Sharing feature now available for WhatsApp

Multi-Sharing feature now available for WhatsApp

There is a good news for the millions of users of WhatsApp. Now the users of the social messaging service would be able to share their messages and related content to multiple contacts and to all members across a group.

The WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook, a popular social networking website. The Facebook Inc. has recently announced a great for the latest version WhatsApp that was released on 12th of August.

With this feature in hand, those using WhatsApp would now be capable of sharing and forwarding messages to more than one contact or group members simultaneously. The content that can be shared may include simple text messages, images, audios, videos, documents, contacts and so on.

Prior to this new update to WhatsApp one was required to forward messages to contacts one by one individually as there was no feature of multiple forwarding or sharing. But now the troublesome task has become much easier. For instance, to share any sort of data from some external application or from a chat within WhatsApp to several members or groups, one simply needs to select the contact names by tapping and tick marks would appear on the selected contacts.

Moreover, prior to this feature WhatsApp had released a voice mail feature. With this feature a voice based feedback or message could be left by the users if their calls were not answered or were rejected from the other side.

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