Microsoft Launched Cumulative Update KB3176934 for Windows 10
Microsoft Launched Cumulative Update KB3176934 for Windows 10

Microsoft Launched Cumulative Update KB3176934 for Windows 10

For computers using Windows 10 preview builds, Microsoft recently released a new cumulative update. As the update is for preview builds only so only those customers will be able to get it who are already using the Windows Insider program.

Earlier this week, another cumulative update was released by Microsoft with the version number 14393.82 and this new update has also got the same version number. This same version numbering, is something that appears odd. One another unusual thing is that the new update comes with high changes, so according to the company, the users running the earlier update on their PCs won’t be able to get the newer update.

Moreover, the company also declared that the new update contains the same fixes as were present in the last update, with one exception. But the users with the older update won’t be able to see this new improvement. However, it is expected that the new tweak will be added to some other cumulative update coming in the future.

In this regarded the company reported, “We have released Cumulative Update (KB3176934) to Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14393 on PCs which will bring the build number to 14393.82. This Cumulative Update includes the same fixes as KB3176932 but with an additional fix: Improved download size optimization of updates.”

Soon these updates may also be available to retail customers:
Although these cumulative updates are, for now, only available to those who are a part of the Windows Insider Program, however, one exciting thing to note in this regard is that once all checking and testing is done on these updates and they are considered reliable enough they would soon be made available to retail users.

On August 2, 2016, Microsoft rolled out the Anniversary Update i.e. Windows 10 build 14393, so it is believed that all users using the stable windows build will ultimately get these cumulative updates.

Meanwhile, those who are a part of Windows Insider Program are advised to get the latest cumulative update i.e. KB3176934, if the option is available in the ‘Windows Update’ program.

As we have been doing till now, we will try to keep you informed of all the tweaks/changes Microsoft makes to its cumulative updates and also of the dates when the insiders and retail users would be able to download them. So stay tuned.

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