Microsoft to Bring its Solitaire Game on Android Devices and iPhones
Microsoft to Bring its Solitaire Game on Android Devices and iPhones

Microsoft to Bring its Solitaire Game on Android Devices and iPhones

The Microsoft’s Solitaire is quite an old game and it has got a lot of fans. As it comes bundled with Windows OS there are millions of players of this game. Many Windows users spend much of their spare time playing this game.
Recently, Microsoft has decided to release its Solitaire game for Android and iOS users as well. Thus a modern version of the classic game would be soon available for users owing Android Devices and iPhones.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a video game included with Windows 10 that replaces Solitaire, FreeCell and Spider Solitaire included with the previous versions of Windows. The game is available for both PCs and Windows Phones and is likely to be soon launched for Android and iOS users with help from users participating in the Microsoft Casual Games Inner Circle program, a program that works similar to the Windows Insider Program, allowing the company to improve its offering with innovative features and new titles.

Microsoft is emailing the users enrolled in the stated program informing them about the upcoming versions of Solitaire Collection and also inviting them to download and install the game on their Android and iOS devices. The company writes in the email, “Do you have an iPhone, iPad, or other iOS/Android device? If so, then here’s some exciting news: We are developing Microsoft Solitaire Collection for iOS and Android devices and we are looking for a group of passionate Solitaire players to help us test our beta version of the game as we continue to work on it.”

For now, only a private beta version would be released:

The new versions of the game won’t be available to all participants of the program and for now it seems to be just a private beta, however, as development carries on, the rest of the users would also be receiving it now or then. Also for the final version published in the store there is no release date decided yet, however it would happen soon as the users of the insider program are testing it already.

With the release of Solitaire on Android and iOS, it is believed that the company is increasing its focus on non-Windows platform. Many Windows fans wished that the company should work out on this approach and they even criticized Microsoft for not doing that.

But the company on the other hand has clearly declared that its foremost priority is investing in the competing Windows platforms, therefore it is very likely that in the longer-term similar applications and releases would continue to launch from the company.

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