Mercedes-Benz working hard on Trademark filing like crazy and on EQ Sub-Brand

by Haider Khan 0

Mercedes-Benz working hard on Trademark filing like crazy and on EQ Sub-Brand

In this modern era of technology where hybrid cars and electric trains are a norm now, Mercedes is busy completing the documentation of these new automobiles and is finishing the work by filing its trademarks for these vehicles.

The German brand is working hard to bring its new competitor to the market namely as “EQ”. To take on not only Tesla but also pure-electric vehicles due from Porsche, Audi and Jaguar over the next two to three years they will name this as Benz’s green arm as BMW did in the same fashion for it’s I series green EV range.

Mercedes-Benz isn’t unfamiliar to sub-branding, as in the past separate units like AMG and Maybach which were collated as Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Maybach. This past routine shows that “Mercedes-EQ” could stand as a sub-brand, and be the emblem one can see on production automobiles.

Amid the trademark requests filed by the Benz to the UK Intellectual Property Office are the names EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE, and EQS, making potential EQ models similar with Mercedes internal combustion lineup.

Adding some more applications like EQD, EQF, EQR, EQX and EQZ which might symbolize fresh prototypes which are not available presently in the lineup of Mercedes-Benz, or possibly it will be put sideways to dodge other firms from using this naming.

Documenting for MODEL EQ, MODEL MEQ, and GENERATION MEQ, are on the list as are EQ INSIDE and EQ BOOST, these names suggests that these are few of the possible technology branding groups that the German company Mercedes-Benz can possibly use.

Mercedes is quite busy in recent times, they are putting hard work in producing Green models and glorifying its hybrid and electric series. They have shown the new hydrogen fuel-cell 015, and vision Tokyo and plug-in hybrid model IAA, while those available in the market contains plug-in variants like C-Class, S-Class and GLE-Class. While Overseas SLS and B-Class were presented with the title as electric cars under the E-Cell name.

In the past Mercedes-Benz applied the EcoLuxe trademark to its unconventional powertrain vehicle series, but this hot and fresh round of trademark applications might show a fresh labeling track well matched to a joint and mutual Green Push.

A fresh and novel vehicle from the German car maker is expected which will run on pure electricity, it might be showcased in the upcoming Motor Show at Paris France. By the start of the next month we can assume a clearer image of the company to which they are up to and what they will bring to the market.