34 Kazakhstan Government Websites Hacked

by Haider Khan 0

34 Kazakhstan Government Websites Hacked

A hacker claiming to be code-named “RxR HaCkEr” from Syria has hacked into Kazakhstan government server that lead 18 .gov.kz websites being hacked. The hacker managed to upload a page named as “king.htm” on those websites, with a message for freedom for Syria in English and Arabic.

Kazakhstan Government Defacement

This hack surely proves that the security on the Kazakhstan government servers and websites are extremely poor and the website administrators should look into this issue. At the time of publishing this news article, the web page that the hacker uploaded was accessible.

Although, as it appeared, the website remained functioning. According to the hack, this surely seems to show that the hacker had no intention to damage the website or its data but to spread a message for freedom.Here are the websites that had been hacked by “RxR HaCkEr”.