Galaxy Note 7 takes on iPhone 6S Plus: 10 reasons why Galaxy Note 7 is better than iPhone 6S Plus

by Haider Khan 0

Galaxy Note 7 Vs iPhone 6S Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been reviewed by different tech reviewers online via YouTube and there final thoughts are undivided that the 5.7 inch Android Flagship is the best and the supreme till now. This Giant Mammoth features such specifications and qualities which cannot be matched by the competition like Apple 6S plus.

Following are the 10 Galaxy Note 7 features that are not found on the iPhone 6S plus:

AMOLED Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sports a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED Quad HD display with a pixel density of 518 ppi and with great viewing angles, far superior than Retina Display sported by Apple iPhone 6S plus. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with the industry leading 2K display nothing is mightier than this OLED panel. Apple is taking a serious note about the OLED displays but they won’t mount this display inside their iPhone till 2017.

Adding more elegance to the top class Note 7 AMOLED panel is the curved edges on both sides of the display which looks gorgeous and gives the impression of bezel less display.

Powerful shooter

Earlier this year when Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge launched, professional reviewers declared this smartphone camera to be the best in class nothing comes even close to this shooter, whipping both iPhone 6S and 6S plus. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is also mounted by the same camera setup but it also supports HDR Video recording now.

Giant screen but smaller footprint

While comparing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 side by side with 6S plus, the Note 7 is prominently smaller in size but with larger display of 5.7 inches. Users will have great multimedia experience on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as compared to iPhone 6s plus.


IPhone does not comes with a stylus, and there is no recent news that the current situation will change for iPhone. This shows a clearer picture that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be envied by iPhone fans as the stylus is a great productivity feature you can write on screen while the phone is in standby mode.

Iris Scanner

Samsung perfected the Iris Scanner security feature which was introduced earlier this year by Microsoft Lumia Flagship. This added features come handy while gloves on you can unlock the device just by staring at the device.

Private Folder

The Note 7 software includes a secure folder in which stuff like photos, videos, files and other sensitive files can be protected via Iris Scanner or fingerprint.

VR Contents

The Korean tech Giant has already working in collaboration with Oculus thus opening the ways of possibilities to get Virtual Reality rich content.

Wireless and quick charging

Nowadays all android flagship devices supports quick wireless charging and wireless charging, unfortunately the iPhone fans cannot experience such features currently the iPhone 6S is lacking this feature and there are no signs that the upcoming iPhone 7 will get this feature.

Water and dust proofing

This year Samsung brought back its water proofing feature to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and in the same manner Galaxy Note 7 also get this feature from its siblings which were released a few months back this year. The phone is water proof for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. The phone does not feature any flaps to cover its ports.

Nearly 300GB of usable memory

Out of the box, Note 7 comes with a memory of 64 GB on board but it can be expanded by a micro SD card slot which also support 256 GB of SD card. Such huge bulk of on board storage is not available with iPhone 6S plus.