BLU releases Vivo 6 in the UK : A decent phone worth checking out

by Abhay Ram 0

BLU releases Vivo 6 in the UK : A decent phone worth checking out

If you look in the United Kingdom and are looking to buy an affordable smartphone but that doesn’t compromise much on specs. Well, every few months, a product is released that doesn’t compromise on specs. However, here’ BLU Vivo 6.

BLU, the miami based company is pretty popular in the United States for their affordable but pretty good phones. Also, most people who like to buy SIM free phones, go with BLU.

The company is expanding. Today, the company launched the BLU Vivo 6, a phone specially created for the markets of the United Kingdom. The product focuses on higher specifications and more capabilities compared to other phones in the same price bracket in the United Kingdom market.

Here are Vivo 6’ specs:

  • 8 core MediaTek chip
  • 4 GB of RAM (Random Access Memory)
  • 64 GB of inbuilt storage

That makes the phone, pretty impressive in terms of specifications. In terms of design, the phone features an aluminium unibody design at the rear and a full glass design on the front. Blah, blah… Personally, I’m bored of seeing phones with aluminium body – the same unibody design or just for difference add glass to it, voila!

I wouldn’t say the phone is good in terms of design. That’s a personal choice, you might like aluminium made phones. However, I have to agree they do feel good in the hand. But the design has come a long way from the beautiful HTC One M7.

The BLU Vivo 6 has two capacitive android navigation buttons (not on screen) along with a home button in between the two capacitive navigation buttons which also doubles as a fingerprint reader.

The Vivo 6 comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box (blah,blah), that also includes the security updates that were released along with Android 6.1. No sign of Android 7.1 Nougat yet. I guess, that’s a long way, first the company might release 7.0 update and then 7.1.