AirPods, there? Let’s take a look

by Abhay Ram 0

AirPods, there? Let's take a look

The iPhone 7 dropped the headphone jack in favour of lightning and wireless earphones. Especially the wireless earphones. The company is looking at future where devices sport very few ports or nothing at all, also require very few cables for their functioning.

Apple even dropped all the full fledged ports on the new MacBook Pro in favour of just Thunderbolt 3.0/ USB Type-C ports. However, in case of the iPhone, the company announced a pair of wireless earphones along with the headphone jack free phone.

The earphones are quite different compared to other wireless earbuds or earphones we see in the market now. Apple’s wireless earphones allow for an easier connection of the earbuds to the iPhone, iPad or the MacBook with ease, basically the Apple family of devices – well not exactly, the earbuds firstly need to connect to the iPhone 7 and then they automatically connect to your other Apple devices.

The Apple wireless earbuds make pairing easier and simpler with the use of a new chip – the W1 chip. Not only that, the chip also helps in improving battery life by turning off the sound production of the earphones in case the user is not wearing them.

The company touts that the earphones have a splendid battery life but I disagree with that, 5-6 hours is pretty compared to other wireless earbuds in the market like the Jaybird X2, Jaybird X3, Jabra and few more. However, Apple’s earphones come inside a box that looks like dental floss which helps in the easy pairing of the earphones with the device and also the box has a battery of its own, which recharges the AirPods when placed in the box.

However, the company was supposed to launch AirPods in October but in a statement the company stated that they need to work a little more on the AirPods, so as to make them fully ready for the customers.